Improperly Chewing your Food Could Lead to Heartburn

by Causes and Remedies

A perfect remedy to help prevent heartburn is to take smaller bites when you eat

There are a variety of excuses out there for why we might not properly chew our food.  Some of us feel uncomfortable chewing our food in front of others.  Others of us say holding a conversation is difficult if there are long gaps of silence while we chew.  However, the vast majority of us feel that the stresses of the day simply don’t allow us the time to follow proper eating habits.  Whatever the ultimate reason, improperly chewing your food could lead to heartburn.

The quicker you gulp down your food without chewing properly, the more air you will tend to swallow.  The problem with swallowing air is that it has nowhere to go but right back up as a burp.  When you burp, your lower esophageal sphincter (the valve that connects your esophagus to your stomach) LES – for short, has to release.  What happens then is that the air is released potentially along with the acidic contents of your stomach which causes you acid reflux.

Plus, when you don’t bother to chew your food properly, your stomach has to release more stomach acid in order to break down the larger chunks of food.  More stomach acid means that there is a greater potential for that nasty acid reflux to cause you pain.

Your esophagus also has to work overtime trying to get the improperly chewed chunks of food down into your stomach in the first place.  Not only that, but the esophagus might have an even harder time trying to keep these chunks of food down where they belong which may result in an unnecessary bout of acid reflux.  Why torment your esophagus unnecessarily when all you need to do is develop mindfulness while eating?

There are a couple of things you need to do in order to practice mindfulness:

Take smaller bites. A great way of taking smaller bites is to pay attention to how much food you put on that first forkful or spoonful of your meal. For the rest of your meal, try and limit your bites to just half the amount of food that you piled onto your fork or spoon during that first bite.

Chew until your food becomes a squishy texture in your mouth. Sure, this might sound disgusting at first but by taking the time to chew your food you’ll also be surprised at how savory your food will taste.

Find a calm and relaxing atmosphere to eat in. If you are stressed at work, get out of that environment at lunchtime. Look for a quiet park where you can eat instead.

Take extra time to pause between bites. Gaze upon your partner, look around your environment, or get caught up in a friendly conversation are just a few ways to eat slower.

When you naturally chew your food longer, your brain will have more opportunity to notice when your stomach is actually full faster. A pleasantly full stomach is much happier and less prone to heartburn symptoms than a stomach that is stuff to the brim.

If you have troubles chewing slower, you might want to consider buying a HAPIfork. It’s an electronic fork that helps you monitor and track your eating habits. It also alerts you with the help of indicator lights when you are eating too fast.

If you would like to read a more thorough description of various circumstances that lead to heartburn, as well as different holistic treatment methods, you can download the Heartburn no More e-book with over 150 pages of great information.

Causes and Remedies Quick Tip Summary:

  • Improperly chewing your food could lead to acid reflux.
  • When you eat faster you swallow more air. More air in your stomach means that you have a greater chance of burping up the air along with stomach acid.
  • Larger chunks of food in the stomach means that your stomach needs to produce more stomach acid.
  • A perfect remedy to help prevent heartburn is to take smaller bites when you eat.
  • Find a relaxing atmosphere in which to eat in order to reduce the risk of acid reflux.
  • Pause between bites to slow down how fast you are eating.

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