Try Chamomile to Soothe Away Your Heartburn

by Causes and Remedies

Chamomile is a great muscle relaxer and anti-inflammatory which helps smooth digestion troubles. Does it soothe heartburn though?

There are a lot of herbs out there that provide a multitude of benefits just as long as you can get past their nasty bitter taste. However, chamomile not only packs a variety of wonderful gastrointestinal benefits but also comes with a gentle pleasant flavor.

But taste isn’t the only reason to try chamomile for your heartburn woes. Chamomile is also great for reducing stomach inflammation. A happier stomach means that you may suffer from less acid reflux. Another benefit of chamomile is that it is a great stress reliever as it relaxes tense muscles. Less stress means that your stomach will produce less stomach acid which will ultimately reduce your risk of heartburn.

Now wait a second, chamomile is a muscle relaxer and the lower esophageal sphincter – LES (the valve that leads from the esophagus and into the stomach) is essentially a muscle. If the LES relaxes won’t that cause stomach acid to back up into my esophagus and cause me acid reflux?  Good question and for the vast majority of folks chamomile does not have an effect on their LES.

Okay, so you’re sold on the benefits of chamomile but you are wondering how you can get the perfect dose to treat your acid reflux, right?

Easy, try drinking sipping a cup of chamomile tea during your next heartburn attack or after meals to help prevent acid reflux from occurring in the first place.

First, take one cup of water and bring it to a boil. Next, add one to two teaspoonfuls of dried chamomile flowers. Continue boiling for another thirty seconds. Remove from the heat and let your tea sit until it is comfortable to drink. By the way, you can also find bags of chamomile tea at many heal food stores if you are looking for an even easier method of preparation.

Now, if drinking a cup of chamomile tea isn’t your thing, you can always find chamomile in other forms such as tinctures or oils. However, if you have a green thumb and love plants, you could also try growing chamomile in your garden and then drying out the flowers for later use.

As with almost any herb, you’ll need to be aware of a few things:

First, if you are allergic to chrysanthemums, ragweed, aster, daisies, or marigolds then you should be careful if you consume chamomile in order to avoid any nasty reactions. Second, drinking too much chamomile tea may actually cause a reduction in stomach acid over the long term which you will also want to avoid.

Causes and Remedies Quick Tip Summary:

  • Chamomile is a great remedy for reducing stress. Less stress means less of a chance of heartburn.
  • It’s a great muscle relaxer and anti-inflammatory to help smooth digestion troubles.
  • Chamomile can be purchased as dried loose flowers, in individual tea bags, as a tincture, or as an oil.
  • Don’t take chamomile if you are allergic to chrysanthemums, ragweed, aster, daisies, or marigolds.

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